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Catalog No. : 2021873

Vitamin B6

  • 8059-24-3
  • 25kg
  • Arshine
  • 99.99%
  • China,Shandong,Qingdao
  • 1Week (s)
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Compound (5-hydroxy-4,6-dimethylpyridin-3-yl)methyl phosphate
CAS No. 8059-24-3 Catalog No. 2021873 Brand Arshine
Purity 99.99% Packing 25kg Grade Pharma grade
Lead Time 1Week (s) Origin Loading Port China,Shandong,Qingdao


Vitamin B6 is abundant in yeast, liver, cereals, meat, fish, eggs, beans and peanuts. Vitamin B6 is a component of certain coenzymes in the human body and is involved in a variety of metabolic reactions, especially closely related to amino acid metabolism. Clinical application of vitamin B6 preparations to prevent pregnancy vomiting and radiation sickness vomiting.

The group now has a number of wholly owned subsidiaries, including Arshine Pharmaceutical,Arshine Food Additives, Arshine Feed Biotech, Yong Datong Medicine, Arshine Trade Service, Arshine Management Counsulting. In addition, Arshine group has established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, as well as a number of overseas offices.

Arshine exports more than 2000 kinds of products, covering the whole field of health industry, including pharmaceutical raw materials, veterinary raw materials, food additives, natural raw materials, feed additives, cosmetics additives, intermediates, pharmaceutical equipment, packaging materials, medical devices, etc. Arshine also has the ability to purchase from overseas, fully be able to meet the one-stop procurement needs of global customers! Today, Arshine sales network has spread to more than 100 countries and regions across five continents, providing services for global customers, including many leading enterprises in various markets and industries.

Arshine has been highly recognized by the society. Arshine is an AA level customer of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation in Hunan province, one of the few foreign trade enterprises with AEO Certification by Chinese Customs in Hunan Province, and has obtained FAMI-QS Certification and ISO9001 Certification for many times! As a permanent member of CCCMHPIE, Arshine has been awarded the honorary title of "Quality Supplier and Partner in international Market" for years. In the field of human resources, we also won “Annual Best Employer” awarded by Changsha Human Resources and Social Security Department for the last two years. In the year 2020, Arshine won “Best Human Resource Management Enterprise”!

Arshine Commercial Institute compiles their own textbooks and sets up a team of lecturers to cultivate talents of business, technology and service, building a professional foreign trade team deeply influenced by Arshine culture. This team with highly combative and cohesive spirit has jointly created five industrial chain service platforms, which are: Strategy and Operation Management Platform, Marketing and Overseas Resources Management Platform, Centralized Procurement and Supplier Management Platform, Human Resources and Corporate Culture Platform and Technology Support Platform.

Arshine Group will deeply integrate into the global health industry chain, and extend businesses to the health industry chain by increasing R&D investment, investing in production, and expanding customized production. Never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission. It is always our original intention that because of Arshine, the global health industry is more shining, and we are committed to be a leading service group for global health industry chain. Arshine is willing to create brighter glory with you!

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Vitamin B6

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