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Catalog No. : S10050-100U


  • 9001-42-7
  • 100u/BOTTLE
  • yuanye
  • 50units/mg protein 酵母
  • 上海,上海,松江
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Compound α-Glucosidase
CAS No. 9001-42-7 Catalog No. S10050-100U Brand yuanye
Purity 50units/mg protein 酵母 Packing 100u/BOTTLE Grade 生化试剂
Lead Time Origin Loading Port 上海,上海,松江

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Product Name Purity Packing Lead Time Country Store Name Details
CAS NO.9001-42-7 EC 99% 25kg,5吨 3 spec 2Day (s) China,Henan
Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd
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EC 99.0% 1kg,25kg 3Day (s) China,Henan
Xinxiang Hongqi District Houyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.
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EC 98% 1kg 3Day (s) China,Henan
Henan Coreychem Co.,Ltd
Request For Quotation
Maltase 99% 50g,25g 3 spec 7Day (s) China,Jiangsu
nanjing pars Chemical Co.,Ltd
Request For Quotation 99% 1kg 7Day (s) China,Zhejiang
Skyrun Industrial Co., Limited
Request For Quotation
Brush border hydrolase 98% 1kg 7Day (s) China,Zhejiang
Hangzhou Bingochem Co., Ltd.
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伪-Glucosidase ≥97% 1kg 14Day (s) China,Zhejiang
Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd.
Request For Quotation
-Glucosidase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae 99% 100u,1ku 2Day (s) China,Shanghai Shanghai Xinyu Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Request For Quotation
a-Glucosidase 70% 1ku,1g 4 spec 1Day (s) China,Shanghai Shanghai blue quarter Technology Development Co., Ltd. Request For Quotation
Alpha-Glucosidase/Maltase 98% 1ku,100u 7Day (s) China,Jiangsu Nanjing duly biotech Co. Ltd. Request For Quotation
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