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Catalog No. : 14

phosphorus atom

  • 7723-14-0
  • 1ton
  • 98.5%
  • 14Day (s)
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US $26940.00 /1ton MOQ 1ton
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Product Info

Compound phosphorus atom
CAS No. 7723-14-0 Catalog No. 14 Brand
Purity 98.5% Packing 1ton Grade
Lead Time 14Day (s) Origin Loading Port


Red Phosphorus

Red Phosphorus

- Product Identification
CAS No. : 7723-14-0
EINECS No. : 231-768-7
H.S. Code : 2804709010
Formula : P4
Molecular Weight : 123.89

- Physical And Chemical Properties
Physical State : Auburn amorphorus powder with metallic luster
Melting Point : 590 oC
density : 2.34g/cm3(20)
Stability : soluble in phosphorus tribromide, but insoluble in water or carbon disulphide

- Applications
Used for making matches, fireworks, phosphoric acid, phosphorus compounds, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, incendiary bombs and organic synthesis, and other diffuse sources in the semiconductor industry, hydrogen iodide acid reduction in organic analysis, and used in organic synthesis

- Specification
Testing Items Quality Standard Reference Testing Results
Appearance Red Powder Red Powder
P4 content : 98.5%Min / 98.7%
Yellow Phosphorus: 0.006%Max / 0.006%
Free Acid : 0.5Max / 0.45%
Moisture : 0.25%Max / 0.24%
Fineness 1(through60 mesh): 70%Min / 76%
Fineness 2(through100 mesh): 70%Min / 80%

- Transportation
Storage : strike, rolling or throwing strictly forbidden, isolated in storage
Packing : 50kg iron bucket, 5  10/bag
Un No. : 1338

- Other Trade Information
Min. Order Quantity : 5Mts
Supply Capacity : 720Mts / Year
Loading Capacity : 19mts/380 Drums (1x20'FCL)
Port of Loading : Huangpu Port, China
Fresh Stocks : Yes
Ref. Price : USD4,365.- ~ USD4,490.-/MT FOB Huangpu, China
Shipment Time : Within 2-3 weeks upon receipt of advance payment or L/C.
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C ( Sight / 90days ), D/P, Western Union
Origin : Sichuan Chengdu Shifang
Sample Availability : Yes
Main Export Markets : India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia

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phosphorus atom

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