Skyrun Industrial Co.Limited

Basic Information
Company Name: Skyrun Industrial Co.Limited  
Company Type: Contractor  
Location: Taizhou Zhejiang China  
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Professional Ability
Company Technical Personnel: 45 in all
Production/Lab Area: 40000 ㎡
Skilled in process and reaction: hydrogenation reaction
General Reaction Equipment: Production devices: Hydrolysis kettle 4 sets Carbon steel 4 sets Acidification kettle 3 sets Crystallization kettle 4 sets Salt concentration kettle 3 sets Mother liquor of salt regulation kettle 3 sets Dissolve kettle 3 sets refining kettle 4
Special Ability To Respond: Procurement management Advanced testing equipment Quality supervision mechanism Work safety standardization Environmental protection Energy-saving: Water quality online detection system: COD
Annual trade: 5000,000,00
Certification: -