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Shandong ZhiBenYuan Special Carbon Black Co.,Ltd.

Shandong ZhiBenYuan Special Carbon Black Co.,Ltd.

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Shandong Zhibenyuan Special Carbon Black Co., Ltd. is the production base. It is located in Xiazhuang Industry Park, Xue Cheng District, Zao Zhuang City, Shandong Province. It specializes in production, research, sales and technology services of special carbon black. The company has designed 2 color carbon black production lines of gas mixing and furnace method, which has annual capacity of more than 3,000 tons of color carbon black. With strong research and development strength, benefited by continuous improvements and innovations in process and equipments, the company has possessed more than ten patents or proprietary technology. Products of the factory possess high purity, excellent fluidity, stable color aberration, good quality of weather proof, antioxidation, and dispersivity, thus widely applied in printing ink, paint, leather, plastic and etc, with its quality indicators enjoying the international leading position. Cooperation & Exchange In line with the principle of “Exchange, cooperation, development and win-win situation”, we provide funds for free to scientific research institutions, technique centers and carbon black customers, in order to encourage applied research of carbon black, and meanwhile to realize the science and technology enterprises project. The above units and personnel can contact our technology department with related projects such as manufacturing process improvements, analysis control or applied research of products, choices of matching auxiliaries and etc., we will appreciate your contribution to the development of carbon black industry sincerely, at the same time welcome related companies to conduct strategic cooperation! Technical :13581104388 The marketing line :13801630743

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Business Type Production/Manufacturing Total Annual Revenue Year Established 2019-07-24
Total Employees Location China Shandong Zaozhuang
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  • Contact Person :Ellie Yang
  • Mobile : 15000646915
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  • Location :China Shandong Zaozhuang
  • Address : Xiazhuang Industry Park,Xue Cheng District,Zao Zhuang City,Shandong Province,China
  • Zip :
  • Company Phone :0632-4011178