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Catalog No. : ls-0214


  • 67-56-1
  • 1ton
  • 99.9%
  • 3Day (s)
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Compound Methanol
CAS No. 67-56-1 Catalog No. ls-0214 Brand
Purity 99.9% Packing 1ton Grade
Lead Time 3Day (s) Origin Loading Port


Boiling Point 64.7 ºC
Stability May decompose on exposure to moist air or water.
Storage Condition Store at RT.
Appearance & Physical State Clear, colorless liquid
Flash Point 12 ºC
Refractive Index 1.328-1.330
Density 0.7918 g/cm3
Melting Point -98 ºC
Vapor Pressure 97.66mmHg (13.02 kPa, 20 °C)



Methanol (Methanol, dried, CH  O) structure is the most simple saturated alcohol a yuan, CAS number is 67-56-1, 4, 170082-17 - molecular weight 32.04, the boiling point of 64.7 . Because the first discovered in the destructive distillation of wood, also known as "wood" or "wood". Is a colorless, volatile liquid with alcohol smell. Oral poisoning the lowest dose is about 100 mg/kg body weight, 0.3 ~ 1 g/kg through the mouth that can cause death. Used in the manufacture of formaldehyde and pesticide, etc., and used as organic extractant and alcohol denaturant, etc. Are usually made of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Physical properties

Properties: colorless transparent liquid, stimulating odour.

Melting point () : 97.8

Boiling point () : 64.7

Relative density (water = 1) : 0.79

Relative vapor density (air = 1) : 1.1

Saturated vapor pressure (KPA) : 12.3 (20 )

Flash point () : 8 (CC); 12.2 (OC

Solubility: soluble in water, miscible soluble in alcohol, ether and most organic solvents.

The main purpose

One of the basic organic raw material. Mainly used in the manufacture of formaldehyde, acetic acid, methyl chloride, methylamine and dimethyl sulfate and so on a variety of organic products. Pesticides (insecticide and acaricide), medicine (sulfa, sintomycin, etc.) of raw materials, synthesis of dimethyl terephthalic acid, methyl methacrylate and acrylic acid methyl ester of one of the raw material. The solvent or important, or mixed with gasoline for the use of alternative fuels. Since the 1980 s, used in the production of methanol gasoline octane number additive methyl tert-butyl ether and methanol gasoline, methanol fuel, methanol protein and etc, to promote the development of the methanol production and market needs.

Used in paint, varnish, shellac, dyestuff, printing ink, adhesives, alkaloids, cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyral solvents. And manufacture of pesticide, medicine, plastics, synthetic fiber and organic chemical products such as formaldehyde, methylamine, methyl chloride, dimethyl sulfate and other raw materials. Other used in automobile antifreeze, and metal surface cleaning agent and alcohol denaturant, etc.

Methanol is used as cleaning agent, MOS grade is mainly used for discrete device, medium and large scale integrated circuit, BV -  grade is mainly used in very large scale integrated circuit technology.

Used as analytical reagent, such as solvent, methylation reagents, chromatography analytical reagent. Also used in organic synthesis.

Used in the electronics industry, commonly used as a cleaning agent.

Methanol is usually a better than ethanol solvent, can dissolve many inorganic salt.

It is mainly used for formaldehyde, essence, dye, medicine, gunpowder, antifreeze, solvent, etc.

Storage transport

Store in a cool, well-ventilated private library room, away from fire and heat source. Libraries should not be more than 37 , temperature keep the container sealed. Should be stored apart and oxidant, acid, alkali, mixed reservoir of avoid by all means. Use explosion-proof lighting, ventilation facilities. Banning the use of easy to produce the spark of mechanical equipment and tools. Storage area should be equipped with emergency treatment equipment and suitable for material.

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