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Catalog No. : 2009

Aluminum chlorohydrate

  • 1327-41-9
  • 200ton
  • 28%
  • 7Day (s)
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US $256.00 /200ton MOQ 1ton
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Compound Aluminum chlorohydrate
CAS No. 1327-41-9 Catalog No. 2009 Brand
Purity 28% Packing 200ton Grade
Lead Time 7Day (s) Origin Loading Port


Stability Stable. Incompatible with many metals.
Appearance & Physical State often supplied as a suspension or solution in water


Polyaluminium chloride

Polyaluminium chloride

A new water purifying material, inorganic polymer coagulant, called PAC (poly aluminum chloride), is a water-soluble inorganic polymer between AlCI3 and Al (OH) 3. The general chemical formula is [Al2 (OH) nCl6-nLm]. M represents the degree of polymerization, and N represents the neutrality of the product. In M, n=1-5 is a highly charged polymerized ring chain with Keggin structure, which is highly electrically neutralized and bridged in water colloids and particles, and can strongly remove microtoxic and heavy metal ions, and the properties are stable. The inspection method can be checked according to international GB 15892--2003 standard. Due to the bridging effect of hydroxyl ions and the polymerization of polyvalent anions, the poly aluminum chloride produced is a relatively high molecular weight and high charge inorganic polymer water treatment agent.

Physicochemical properties

Polyaluminium chloride has the properties of adsorption, condensation and precipitation. Its stability is poor and corrosive. If it splashes onto the skin carelessly, rinse it immediately. The production personnel should wear work clothes, wear masks, gloves and wear long rubber boots. Polyaluminum chloride has the advantages of good spray drying stability, wide water area, fast hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption capacity, large alum flower, fast precipitation, low turbidity of water and good dehydration. Spray drying products can ensure safety and reduce water accidents. It is very safe and reliable for drinking water. Therefore, poly aluminum chloride is also referred to as highly effective polyaluminum chloride, highly efficient PAC or highly efficient spray drying polyaluminium chloride. Polyaluminium chloride is suitable for all kinds of turbidity raw water. PH has a wide range of applications, but compared with polyacrylamide, its sedimentation effect is far less than that of polyacrylamide.

The degree of basicity of polyaluminum chloride is a relatively important index in polyaluminum, especially for drinking water grade aluminum products. The lower the basicity and the higher the price, the purchasers can operate according to the actual situation of the manufacturers. In addition, the degree of basicity of polyaluminium chloride products produced by different raw materials and different processes is different, which requires manufacturers to adjust. Improving the basicity of polyaluminium chloride can greatly increase the economic benefits of production and use. From 65% to 92%, the production cost of raw materials can be reduced by 20% and the use cost can be reduced by 40%.

Concentration ratio method

When the solid polyaluminium chloride is diluted into liquid, it is necessary to make a small test before the use of raw water to obtain the best dosage. When polyaluminium chloride is used in production, it can be dissolved by polyaluminum chloride solid: clear water =1:9-1:15 mass ratio. If the alumina content is less than 1%, the solution is easy to hydrolyze, which will reduce the use effect. After the dosing of the chemicals, if there are few flowers in the sedimentation tank and large excess turbidity, the dosage is too little. If the precipitate alum flower is large and overturned, the dosage is too large and should be properly adjusted.

The flocculation of poly (aluminum chloride) aluminum chloride is as follows:

The strong electric neutralization of a and colloid in water.

B, hydrolytic products have excellent bridging effect on suspended solids in water.

C, the selective adsorption of dissolved substances.

Polyaluminum chloride is a kind of inorganic polymer coagulant, which is mainly determined by the working principle of the pressure nebulizer because of the bridging effect of hydroxyl ions and the polymerization of polyvalent anions.


City water supply and drainage purification: River water, reservoir water, groundwater.

Industrial water supply purification.

Municipal sewage treatment.

The recovery of useful substances in industrial waste water and waste residue, the promotion of coal washing in the waste water and the recovery of starch in the starch manufacturing industry.

Various industrial wastewater treatment: printing and dyeing wastewater, waste water containing fluorine, heavy metal wastewater, oily wastewater, papermaking wastewater, coal washing wastewater, mine waste water, brewing wastewater, metallurgical waste water, meat processing wastewater and sewage treatment.

It is made of glue.

Refined sugar solution.

It is made by casting.

The cloth is wrinkled.

Catalyst carrier.

Pharmaceutical refining

The cement solidified quickly.

Cosmetics raw materials.

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Aluminum chlorohydrate

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