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Catalog No. : jiaye762


  • 60-12-8
  • 25kg
  • 99%
  • 2Day (s)
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Compound 2-phenylethanol
CAS No. 60-12-8 Catalog No. jiaye762 Brand
Purity 99% Packing 25kg Grade
Lead Time 2Day (s) Origin Loading Port


Boiling Point 219ºC
Stability Stable. Substances to be avoided include strong acids and strong oxidizing agents. Combustible.
Storage Condition Store at RT.
Appearance & Physical State clear, colorless liquid
Water Solubility 20 g/L (20 ºC)
Flash Point 102ºC
Refractive Index 1.53-1.535
Density 1.02
Melting Point -27ºC
Vapor Density 4.21 (vs air)
Vapor Pressure 1 mm Hg ( 58 °C)


Phenethyl alcohol
Chinese name: benzene ethanol English synonyms: phenylethyl alcohol; Alpha methyl phenyl methanol; Alpha methyl benzyl alcohol; Beta - benzene ethanol; 2 - phenyl ethanol; 2 - phenyl ethanol; Beta - phenyl ethanol; Benzyl alcohol English name: Phenethyl alcohol English synonyms: RARECHEM AL BD. 0140; PHENYL baton rouge ALCHOL. PHENYL baton rouge ALCOHOL; PHENYL ETHANOL; PHENYLETHANOL, 2 -; PHENETHYL ALCOHOL; (beta - pea); . Beta. - Phenylethanol CAS no. : 60-12-8 Molecular formula: C8H10O Molecular weight: 122.16 EINECS no. : 200-456-2 Melting point: - 27 ° C (lit.) Boiling point: 219-221 ° C750 mm Hg (lit.) Density: 1.020 g/mL at 20 ° C (lit.) Vapor density: 4.21 (vs air) Vapor pressure: 1 mm Hg (58 ° C) FEMA: 2858 Refractive index: the n20 / D 1.5317 (lit.) Flash: 216 ° F Edible spices: benzene ethanol is a kind of edible flavor, also called ethyl benzene ethanol, beta benzyl ethanol, naturally in neroli, rose oil, geranium oil and other oils, because it has a soft, pleasant and persistent rose fragrance Gas and is widely used in various kinds of flavors and smoke in essence, is the preparation rose scent, food additives, rose scent flavor the main raw material, its effect on alkali stability, widely used in soap fragrance, is essence blending all rose scent series of spices, because it does not dissolve in water, therefore, often used in the make up water, soap, in addition, in the orange flower, purple, etc. And also used in the blending of flavor. Because the benzene ethanol has a good antibacterial efficiency, can be used in the ophthalmic solution. At present the main synthesis method has the following three: 1, by styrene via halogenation, saponification, hydrogenation, distillation. 2 and microorganism fermentation in yeast by bioconversion. 3, calcium carbide, benzene as raw material preparation of benzyl ethanol, reaction equations are as follows: (1) CaC2 + 2 h2o = Ca (OH) 2 + C2H2 (2) C6H6 + C2H2 = C6H6CHCH2 (styrene) (3) C6H6CHCH2 + H2O = C6H6CH2CH2OH (benzyl alcohol) Chemical properties Colorless liquid with rose fragrance. Soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, glycerin, slightly soluble in water, slightly soluble in mineral oil. USES: widely used in the deployment of soap and cosmetics in essence Benzene ethanol is China\'s regulation allows the use of edible spices, dosage according to the normal production needs. Generally in 13 sweet sugar 21 to 80 mg/kg; Baked goods in 16 mg/kg; Candy in 12 mg/kg; Cold drinks in 8.3 mg/kg. GB 2760-1996 rules to allow the use of edible spices. Is to make honey, bread, peaches and berries such as type of essence. Allocate rose scent flower essential oil and a variety of floral fragrance, such as jasmine scent, clove, orange flower scent, scent can allocate almost all of the essential oils, widely used in the deployment of soap and cosmetics fragrance. In addition, also can mix all kinds of edible flavor, such as strawberry, peach, plum, melon, caramel, honey is sweet, cream type edible flavor, etc. Used for cosmetic and edible flavor, widely used in the deployment of soap and cosmetics fragrance

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