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Catalog No. : 聚合氯化铝铁

Polyaluminium Chloride

  • 101707-17-9
  • 1ton
  • 98%
  • 3Day (s)
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US $250.00 /1ton MOQ 1ton
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Compound Polyaluminium Chloride
CAS No. 101707-17-9 Catalog No. 聚合氯化铝铁 Brand
Purity 98% Packing 1ton Grade
Lead Time 3Day (s) Origin Loading Port



Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride is made of aluminum and ferric salt coagulation hydrolysis into an inorganic polymer, based on Synergetic principle, addition of iron ion or three iron oxide and other iron containing compound and preparation of a new type of high efficient coagulant. It sets the advantages of aluminum and iron salts, aluminum ion and iron ion forms have markedly improved, the degree of polymerization for improving. The aluminium, iron coagulant on the flotation operation of respective advantages, improve the coagulation properties of polyaluminum chloride; especially for purifying high turbidity water and low temperature and low turbidity water, not of alkaline additive or other coagulant. Coagulant

Performance and advantages;

1, the hydrolysis rate is fast, the hydration is weak. The formation of alum compact, fast sedimentation rate. Affected by the water temperature change is small, can meet the requirements of shear force in the flow process.

2, the solid products are brown, red brown powder, easily soluble in water.

3, can effectively remove the aluminum ions in the source water as well as the aluminum salt water mixture after the residual free state of aluminum ions.

4, a wide range of application, drinking water, industrial water, domestic water, domestic sewage and industrial sewage treatment, etc..

5, with less dosage, the treatment effect is good, compared with other coagulant to save the cost of 10-20%.

6, the use of methods and packaging and attention to the use of the same with the basic aluminum chloride.

Use method and matters needing attention

Because of the heterogeneous nature of the raw water, according to the different situation, on-site commissioning or beaker test, to obtain the best conditions and the best dosage to achieve the best treatment effect.

1, before using this product according to certain concentration (10-30%) into the solution of alum pool into tap water, stirring to fully hydrolyzed, static to reddish brown liquid, then diluted to the required concentration dosage. Water can be added directly into the 2-5% plus industrial wastewater treatment directly into the 5-10% add.

2, the adding amount determined, according to the nature of the raw water through the commissioning or beaker experiment as the alum to form moderate. The other dosage waterworks system can use as a reference in the same conditions the products with solid chloride dosage is approximately equal to that of solid aluminum sulfate dosage of 1/3-1/4. If the original is the use of liquid products, can be calculated according to the discretion of the corresponding drug concentration. Roughly by weight than by 1:3.

3, the use of the preparation of a good solution, the pump into the metering tank, by measuring the dosing liquid and raw water coagulation.

4, in general the preparation day, dispensing with the need for tap water, slightly sediment is a normal phenomenon

Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride and wide range of application: used in drinking water, industrial water, living water, sewage and industrial sewage treatment, PAFC has obvious effect on drinking water and industrial water purification treatment.

Packaging and storage

Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride products for 25kg woven bags, lined with plastic film. Should be placed indoors in a cool and dry place, avoid sunlight and rain, and may not be toxic, flammable, perishable goods mix

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Polyaluminium Chloride

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