CAS No.: 95-53-4 Formula: C7H9N Molecular Weight: 107.15300
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CAS No.: 95-53-4 Formula: C7H9N Molecular Weight: 107.15300
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O-toluidine (ortho-toluidine) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C7H9N. This arylamine is a colorless to pale-yellow liquid with a poor solubility in water.

Numbering system

EINECS number 202-429-0
MDL number MFCD00007730


Appearance & Physical State light yellow to light amber liquid
Density 1.008
Boiling Point 199-200ºC
Melting Point -23ºC
Flash Point 85ºC
Refractive Index 1.571-1.573
Water Solubility 1.5 g/100 mL (25 ºC)
Stability Stable under normal temperatures and pressures. Substance undergoes color change upon exposure to light and air.
Storage Condition 2-8ºC
Vapor Density 3.7 (vs air)
Vapor Pressure 0.26 mm Hg ( 25 °C)

Safety Info

RTECS XU2975000
Hazard Class 6.1
Safety Statements S45-S53-S61
HS Code 29214300
WGK Germany 3
Packing Group II
Risk Statements R23/25; R36; R45; R50
Hazard Codes T; N
1H NMR : 400 MHz in CDCl3Expand

NMR Spectrum 1H NMR : 400 MHz in CDCl3


C7 H9 N 0.05 ml : 0.5 ml CDCl3

Assign. Shift(ppm)
A 7.01
B 7.00
C 6.676
D 6.586
E 3.48
F 2.090

IR : CCl4 solutionExpand
Mass Expand

GC Analysis

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Column type Active phase Temperature (°C) Retention Index (I) Temperature Control Method
Packed PEG-2000 179. 1796. isothermal
Packed PEG-2000 180. 1807. isothermal
Packed PEG-2000 200. 1808. isothermal
Packed PEG-2000 200. 1814. isothermal
Capillary DB-1 - 1032.7 temperature ramp
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