Flagship Shop

The flagship shop is a service provided to companies who want to break the traditional offline sales barriers and open up new online sales channel for their products and services. It helps companies enhance their brand visibility, promote their products online and facilitate their transactions. As part of our effort to bring in more suppliers and strengthen brand awareness on our Online Platform, we select and partner with reputable brands in the chemical industry to enable them to open their flagship shops on our Online Platform. We provide a comprehensive service package to the brands, including but not limited to online store management and maintenance, customer service, advertising and promotion services, and we charge a one-time management fee plus commission for each order completed on flagship shops. Through flagship shops, we combine our advantages in managing online stores, and advertising and applying data technologies to business development, with the brand awareness and customers attracting effects of reputable chemical brands, to further enlarge our user base and our brand recognition. For all flagship shops, customers place order on our Online Platform, and suppliers deliver chemicals directly to customers.Many companies including DSM, AkzoNobel, DKSH, Transfar , AJH Sweet, and LANXESS had opened flagship stores on our Online Platform.

To open a flagship shop, the following documents are required: (1) Standard LOGO template for the company; (2) A copy of the company's business license; (3) Bank account information of the company; (4) Certificates for handling hazardous chemicals (for hazardous chemicals); (5) Production license (if any)

To know more about the flagship shop, and for any inquiry about how to open a flagship shop and enjoy related services on the platform, please feel free to contact us at sales@molbase.com

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