Online Stores

As a global integrated service platform for chemical e-commerce, is the e-commerce platform of choices for global chemical suppliers.

Opening up an online store for the suppliers on the platform is the first step to promote and sell chemicals to potential global buyers. Once the store is open, Molbase can provide both online and offline marketing services to the suppliers. The online marketing services are including SEO/SEM promotion on Google/Bing/Baidu platforms, while the offline marketing services are including, but not limited to, (1) Industry Exhibitions /Forums; (2) On-site visiting;(3) Chemical communities; and (4) Industry journals (MOL’s Vision).

So set up your e-commerce store in a flash. It's simple, easy and free!

  • Register as a supplier

  • Choose and set up your store

  • Upload your featured products individually or by batch

  • Access to more personalized features such as store decoration

For more information about setting up the online store, please click here.

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