An Overview

“It is only when chemical companies have the intelligent systems and technology backbone in place to capture the data and convert it into action that the true value of the Internet can be realized in the chemical world”

Molbase, the best platform for unleashing the value of the internet for its global customers.

At Molbase, we provide an integrated suite of services to all participants across the transaction value chain with chemical e-commerce at the core, complemented by a range of value-added services including, among others, database and market pulse (business intelligence services), group procurement services, financing information services, and warehousing and logistics facilitation services. We offer our services through our online platform, consisting of our two websites, and, our Wechat subscription accounts and Chemical Community and Chemical Transportation Circle Apps.

We build our platform on our proprietary chemical database, which serves as a fundamental data infrastructure of our comprehensive suite of services. We have accumulated massive quantities of chemicals and transaction data and built MOLBASE Encyclopedia, which is the most comprehensive and innovative database of commercially available chemicals in China, according to the Frost & Sullivan Report. Our innovative big data and AI technologies drive and power the smooth operation and optimal performance of our Online Platform. In applications, our technologies equip us with effective data collection and storage mechanisms, advanced data processing capabilities, data analytics and intelligent matching systems.

Our proprietary data analytic system, the Neuron System, recommends and pushes highly relevant information on chemicals to our customers based on accurate pricing information through identifying patterns and similarities in our massive chemical database. We believe that Neuron System is best-in-class in chemical e-commerce industry in terms of calculation accuracy and processing capability. For our suppliers, we have developed software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems allowing them to optimize and digitize their online stores, and manage their business online. Furthermore, we launched MOLBASE Intelligent Chemical Industry Maps Database in January 2019 to assist suppliers and customers in locating each other.

In summary, by leveraging our broad supplier and customer bases, we have built an integrated service platform by seamlessly integrating participants across the value chain, including, among others, customers, suppliers, banks and other non-bank financial institutions, warehousing and logistics service providers and other users. Molbase has been ranked as the number one chemical e-commerce service platform in China, from 2015-2018, three years in a row.

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