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CAS No.: 93106-60-6

Purity: 99%

Lead Time: 14 days

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CAS No.: 83-48-7

Purity: 95%

Lead Time: 1 day

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CAS No.: 59277-89-3

Purity: 99%

Lead Time: 1 day

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4-[(3-Pyridinylcarbonyl)amino]-butanoic acid monosodium salt


CAS No.: 62936-56-5

Purity: 99%

Lead Time: 1 day

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amoxicillin trihydrate

amoxicillin trihyd...

CAS No.: 61336-70-7

Purity: 98%

Lead Time: 1 day

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Trenbolone Acetate
CAS No.: 10161-34-9 Last Updated: 2016-04-21
CAS No.: 10161-34-9
Lead Time: 2 days
Purity: 98%
Supply Ability: 1000 Contacting Supplier
Catalog No.: 20
In Stock : 1000

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Product Name Trenbolone Acetate
CAS No.10161-34-9
Molecular Weight312.40300

Trenbolone Acetate: The King of Kings!

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CAS NO.: 10161-34-9

EINECS: 233-432-5 

Assay: 97.0~101.0% 

Molecular Formula:C20H24O3 

Molecular Weight:312.4

Molecular Structure:

Loss on drying: 0.5% 

Extinction: 1.0 

Optical Rotation: +39~+43 

Ignition Residue: 0.1% 


Appearance: White to light yellow crystalline powder

One of the more potent androgens, one thing that makes tren-a all the more special is it does not convert to estrogen; a problem many experience with various steroids; therefore, the aromatizing effect is something of far less concern in regards to tren.

 tren has the ability to increase muscle-cell repair by nearly 100% greater than repair without tren.

 Trenbolone has been shown to greatly aide in fat loss 

One of the most potent agents on the market, tren has been said to be 400% to even 500% more powerful than testosterone; that alone should make your mouth water! Further, unlike so many AAS, water retention with tren is in many cases non-existent with nearly all the gains being pure 100% muscle tissue.

In most cases tren should not be run by itself; tren will shut down your natural testosterone production and youre best suited to stack tren with some form of testosterone


*No estrogen conversion

*Perfect for hardening

*Perfect levels of nutritional intake absorption

*Massive strength gains

*Incredible cell repair abilities

*Aides in fat loss

* Trenbolone destroys cortisol the evilest of hormones that destroys muscle tissue and can bring a world of havoc on the hard dieter.


Trenbolone is typically not suitable for beginners

Trenbolone as we can see is a very, very potent compound and the side effects in some cases can be brutal for some lifters.

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