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dichloroacetyl chloride
CAS No.: 79-36-7
dichloroacetyl chloride
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Product Namedichloroacetyl chloride
CAS No.79-36-7
Molecular Weight147.38800

synonyms : 2,2-dichloroacetyl chloride;alpha,alpha-dichloroacetyl chloride;dichloroethanoyl chloride;dichloracetyl chloride;dichloroacetic acid chloride;dichloroacetyl chloride;2,2-dichloroacetyl;2,2-dichloroacetylchloride

1. physical and chemical properties:

1.1 molecule formula: c2hcl3o

1.2 molecule weight: 147.39


 2. technical indexes:

itemtop gradefirst grade
assay( gc) 99min98min
density, 20/41.62951.6301.62951.630
appearancecolorless transparentcolorless transparent

3. uses:

dichloroacetyl chloride can be used in organic synthesis, pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediate.

 4. package: net weight 250 kilograms paper barrel, plastic drum

5. storage:  dichloroacetyl chloride should be stored in dry ,ventilation and avoid direct sunlight place., stored separately with oxidants, acids . its shelf life is 2years ,

if quality up to standard through retest  ,it can be still used after the specified date.

china fine chemical expert , 13 years experience in production of dichloroacetyl chloride , worth your trust !

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