sodium atom

CAS No.: 7440-23-5
Formula: Na
Exact Mass: 22.98980
Molecular Weight: 22.98980
PSA: 0.00000
LogP: 0.00000
Appearance & Physical State:light silver solid.
Melting Point:98ºC
Boiling Point:883ºC
Flash Point:4ºC
Water Solubility:REACTS
Stability:Reacts violently with water, liberating and possibly igniting hydrogen. Flammable solid. Incompatible with water, strong oxidizing agents. Do not store near oxidants. Store under oil, or dry inert gas. Air sensitive.
Storage Condition:water-free area
Vapor Pressure:1 mm Hg ( 440 °C)
Freezing Point:
Ignition Point:
Refractive Index:
Vapor Density:

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