Nanjing Chenrui pharmaceutical technology co., LTD

Basic Information
Company Name: Nanjing Chenrui pharmaceutical technology co., LTD  
Company Type: Contractor  
Location: Nanjing Jiangsu China  
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Professional Ability
Company Technical Personnel: 1 in all. 1 master
Production/Lab Area: 200 ㎡
Skilled in process and reaction: Strecker amino acid synthesis,Wittig,Hydrolysis,Etherification,Oxidation,Reduction,Grignard,Hydrogenation,Substitution,Halogenation,Addition, Elimination reaction
General Reaction Equipment: 2000L Reactors(stainless steel),3000L Reactors(enamel)
Special Ability To Respond: high temperature reaction:+200°C,low temperature reaction:-80°C,vacuum reaction
Annual trade: Rmb 3 million Yuan
Certification: -