MOLBASE Overview
2013-05-31 07:29

MOLBASE is an open platform provides chemical compound information with online price, inventory, supply capacity   and related documents from suppliers, provides company buyer and research institution the most efficient and cost         effective way to inquiry and purchase chemicals, and supplier product promotion. MOLBASE provides an e-commerce        purchasing solution, which currently provides access to the 2.6M+ product catalogs of 6300+ chemical suppliers          worldwide in a single, search-and-inquiry web site. The site combines a simple and powerful chemical structure search    engine with an easy to use inquiry processing system which may help you to manage your purchasing process and         resources.    

MOLBASE is a free service that allows buyers and users to search and make enquiries for a chemical by its molecular   name,CAS number,structure, substructure and similarities.MOLBASE expects to establish a reliable and accurate database of molecule information and structures to serve the global chemical, pharmaceutical, custom synthesis, outsourcing,         specialty chemicals and biomedical R&D industries.

History was established in April 2011 by researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences. MOLBASE started as a search engine to provide chemical compound data for researchers specialized in the pharmaceutical and chemical           industry.Due to customer feedback,we have added higher quality services such as online enquiries for product inventory and prices with structural molecular data. MOLBASE has been undergoing one year of continuous development and          improvement. The changes that the MOLBASE team has made are optimizing the search features, building a database of compound and supplier information with global certification. We will keep working and cooperating closely with our        customers to make MOLBASE the world's largest, most accurate and free chemical compound data information and         e-commerce site.

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