How to Send Inquiry

step 1Search products by keywords or CAS NO.

step 2:Click on the "reference price inquiry" or "inquiry" button, to inquiry the  products

step 3Fill in the content of the inquiry, such as: quantity, specifications and other requirements, and send the                   inquiry.  


    •  you can choose one or three suppliers enquiries, and fill in your psychological price, and want to purchase the number of    the information sent to the supplier.

    • Only a day for the same supplier product inquiry at a time

    • One day only to have the same CAS NO. of the product for six different suppliers.

    • If you choose the "if the supplier can't provide products, allow MOLBASE recommend other supplier for you",  the supplier   can't offer or not for the inquiry, we will recommend for you to choose up to three new suppliers give you a reply.


Step 4Click the "send", inquiry has benn create success,  you can through your email or login molbase user center view   your inquiry information at any time.