About Order

Why choose to order?

1.Ordering leads to a quick and efficient deal. 

2.The suppliers who provide ordering services have all been through strict certification.

3.The products for order are all in stock, of high quality and have accurate price information.  

4.MOLBASE provides comprehensive security for the orders of the customers and the payment process is         supervised by MOLBASE as the third party, in order to protect buyers.

Supplier information collection for orders

1.Suppliers have submitted complete and accurate company information, such as company contact information, homepage, address, and the business license. 

2.Suppliers have provided prices (FOB), purity, COA, lead-time, and stock information etc. of their products.

3.The information above has been certified and confirmed by MOLBASE.

Order procedure:

1.Buyers search for products

Buyers search for the molecules they wish to buy. The products from recommended suppliers are listed at   the top of the search results. 

2.Buyers submit orders

Buyers either check product information by clicking on the supplier name, click 'order' to submit their order or   click 'order' on the search results page. They are required to enter their preferred quantity, price, and other       requirements on the order form. 

3.MOLBASE secures the Purchasing process.

MOLBASE recommends a tripartite contract solution with the buyer and the seller to protect both parties after   receiving Purchasing Order confirmation from both the buyer and the seller. 

Therefore, the buyer gives the payment to MOLBASE, MOLBASE informs the supplier to deliver the goods, and the supplier will receive the payment ONLY after confirmation of goods arrival and no controversy with buyer.

4.MOLBASE's business development specialists track the deal process for security.   

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