Buyer's Account

After loging in, click 'My Account' to access your account, where you can edit your information, apply for         certification, review, modify or delete your inquiries or orders.

(1) Certification

A registered buyer can enter the company name, contact person, region, address, company size, company type, and upload the business license. If the information is real and accurate, MOLBASE will give a certification to the buyer. Once a buyer is certified, some of the information is locked and not able to be modified. 

(2)Management of inquiries and orders

On the 'My Inquiry' page, users can manage their inquiries, view inquiry numbers, inquiry time, buyers, product names, etc. and reply to the inquiries, evaluate inquiries (this will help MOLBASE qualify the suppliers) or delete inquiries.  

Click "View Detail" to contact suppliers, track communication with suppliers, and evaluate the service.