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CAS No.: 75-07-0
Formula: C2H4O
Exact Mass: 44.02620
Molecular Weight: 44.05260
PSA: 17.07000
LogP: 0.20520
Description Feedback
Acetaldehyde (systematic name ethanal) is an organic chemical compound with the formula CH3CHO, sometimes abbreviated by chemists as MeCHO (Me = methyl). It is one of the most important aldehydes, occurring widely in nature and being produced on a large scale in industry. Acetaldehyde occurs naturally in coffee, bread, and ripe fruit, and is produced by plants. It is also produced by the partial oxidation of ethanol by the liver enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase and may be a contributing factor to hangovers from alcohol consumption. Pathways of exposure include air, water, land, or groundwater, as well as drink and smoke. Consumption of disulfiram inhibits acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, the enzyme responsible for the metabolism of acetaldehyde, thereby causing it to build up in the body.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has listed acetaldehyde as a Group 1 carcinogen. Acetaldehyde is "one of the most frequently found air toxics with cancer risk greater than one in a million."

Properties Feedback
Appearance & Physical State:clear, colorless liquid
Melting Point:-123ºC
Boiling Point:21ºC
Flash Point:-27ºC
Refractive Index:1.331-1.333
Water Solubility:> 500 g/L (20 ºC)
Stability:Stable, but air sensitive. Substances to be avoided include strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, reducing agents, alkalies, halogens, halogen oxides. Highly flammable. Vapour/air mixtures explosive over a very wide concentration range. May form peroxides
Storage Condition:2-8ºC
Vapor Pressure:52 mm Hg ( 37 °C)
Vapor Density:1.03 (vs air)

Safety Info Feedback
Hazard Class:3
Safety Statements:S16-S33-S36/37
HS Code:2912120000
Packing Group:I
WGK Germany:2
Risk Statements:R12; R36/37; R40
Hazard Codes:Xn


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