CAS No.: 74-89-5
Formula: CH5N
Exact Mass: 31.04220
Molecular Weight: 31.05710
PSA: 26.02000
LogP: 0.27520
Description Feedback
Methylamine is an organic compound with a formula of CH3NH2. This colorless gas is a derivative of ammonia, but with one H atom replaced by a methyl group. It is the simplest primary amine. It is sold as a solution in methanol, ethanol, THF, and water, or as the anhydrous gas in pressurized metal containers. Industrially, methylamine is transported in its anhydrous form in pressurized railcars and tank trailers. It has a strong odor similar to fish. Methylamine is used as a building block for the synthesis of many other commercially available compounds.

Properties Feedback
Appearance & Physical State:clear liquid
Melting Point:-93ºC
Boiling Point:-6.3ºC
Flash Point:-18ºC
Refractive Index:n20/D 1.371
Stability:Stable. Highly flammable. Note wide explosion limits. Incompatible with oxidizing agents, acids, alkalies, alkaline earth metals, copper and its alloys, zinc and its alloys.
Storage Condition:Flammables area
Vapor Pressure:27 psi ( 20 °C)
Vapor Density:1.08 (20 °C, vs air)

Safety Info Feedback


hazard declaration:H225; H314; H335
hazard declaration add:
waring notice:P210; P280; P303 + P361 + P353; P304 + P340 + P310; P305 + P351 + P338; P403 + P235
Hazard Class:3
Safety Statements:S16-S26-S29
HS Code:2921110090
Packing Group:II
WGK Germany:2
Risk Statements:R12; R20; R37/38; R41
Hazard Codes:Xn

GC Analytical Method Total: 3 GC Analytical Method
Kovats' RI, non-polar column, isothermal [Detail]
Column type Active phase Temperature (C) Retention Index (I) Reference
Packed PMS-100 180. 305. Anderson, Jurel, et al., 1973
Normal alkane RI, non-polar column, custom temperature program [Detail]
Column type Active phase Temperature (C) Retention Index (I) Reference
Capillary Methyl Silicone 380. Chen and Feng, 2007


Precursor and Product